Arlo's Story

65a41c464781129062a8b63df3283094Arlo was one of four kittens born in a wooded country home.  He was all black, his head and chest were too big for his body and he had no butt and a tail that was just a little longer than it should be.  He was the kitten that no one wanted and became my mothers.  He was a typical territorial Tom Cat, protecting his home from raccoons, deer and anthing else that came along, and would catch and store field mice in the bathtub for later.  He ruled.  When we inherited Arlo he was 20 years old and in poor health.  He was arthritic, deaf, had one tooth, and suffering from infection.  After numerous vet trips we managed to nurse him back to health and he became our facility supervisor.  He never meowed, he would just glare at you until you did what he wanted, and you could feel that glare even when you didn't know he had entered the room.  At one point we had to put floor leveler in the chapel.  My husband had just finished, turned and Arlo strolled in.  He left perfect pawprints in the still wet leveler.   They are still there today in what is now the Arlo Memorial Chapel.

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